up to 9 items flagged:

  • VA Funding Fee
  • Broker Commissions
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Re-Inspection Fee
  • Re-Key Fee
  • Postage, Fax, Phone, Copy & Courier Fees
  • Flat Charge
  • GFE Tolerance, or
  • 0 Tolerance and
  • 10% Tolerance

compliant with:

  • RESPA Regulation X
  • CFPB IMD Rules
  • 38 CFR 36.4313
  • VA Pamphlet 26-7
  • VA Circulars

"Helping homeowners
...help themselves"

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Consumers pay Millions of dollars each year in
excessive and non-allowable mortgage fees!

1 in 6 mortgages have overcharges, averaging $910.*

Veterans alone pay a projected $91 Million annually
in excessive and non-allowable mortgage fees.*

VA and non-VA mortgage lenders are one and the same.

Fact 1: Regulators limited resources are ineffective in
mortgage fee compliance enforcement.

Fact 2: With limited oversight & without penalty, Lenders
have little incentive to comply.

Fact 3: It's on you, the Homeowner, to participate in
regulation enforcement or pay the price in overcharges.

Mortgage Whistle:

  • flags excessive and non-allowable mortgage fees,
  • provides regulation references for each overcharge, &
  • provides guidance to recover overcharges.

  • were you overcharged?

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    * Based on a random sample of 1,981 VA guaranteed home loans.